Tea Time

Clarissa 💏💍💒 Zane
Zobug 👑🚼
Lover of all things autumn 🍵🍁🍂🍃
I make aprons check the link below ;)👇👏
Anonymous asked: You are awesome. Your daughter is beautiful. Your fiance is a lucky man. I wish nothing but wonderful happy things for you!! :)


Awww! Thanks babe :*

Anonymous asked: Hoping-for-peace always sends anons about FBR because she's bitter that she's single since she's too crazy for any guy to be with her. She also sends herself super nice anons


Anonymous asked: I'm pretty sure it's only Hannah sending you hate LOL


Lolololololol I know its her she just sent in a bunch of stupid shit to bulletins too lolvwhatever

Anonymous asked: Why do you feel the need to lie so much? I followed you last year, just because you moved and you're supposedly "starting a new life" doesn't mean that the horrible, awful person you were last year is gone. Tell the truth for once everyone saw what you said and did to the girl, and you were wrong. She proved everything you said she was lying about. You weren't a good person you don't just become one over night. You lost friends and followers because of how awful you were.


About what? Hannah? What did she prove? All I did was take screen shots of every thing where she called me a count a bitch to make people aware of it and to vent so??

So happy!

Zanes pawpaw loves zoee and I! Yay yay yay !

Tonight his mamas watching bug for us and were going to a bbq party with good food and beer. Peace ♡

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